Repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising eyebrows cause skin to furrow and fold, gradually resulting in the formation of facial lines. BOTOX® Cosmetic works beneath the surface and temporarily reduces the underlying muscle activity that causes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines in adults – to help them look visibly smoother.




Repeated contractions of facial muscles contribute to the formation of wrinkles and lines that form on the forehead, around the eyes, nose, neck, mouth and chin. As our skin loses elasticity during the natural aging process, these lines become deeper and more pronounced over time.




Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is a manmade form of a substance your body makes that helps to absorb fats. Deoxycholic acid works by destroying fat cells where it is injected into the body. Kybella injection is used to help decrease the appearance of fat that hangs below the chin, sometimes called a double-chin. Typically a series of 2-3 treatments are needed 8 weeks apart.

$2000 (2 treatments)



Sculptra Aesthetic, or poly-L-lactic acid, is a unique facial injectable that replaces collagen lost during the aging process. It is the only volumizer scientifically designed to stimulate collagen growth and lasts up to 2 years. Sculptra restores facial volume and improves wrinkles and folds gradually over time. Four treatments over the course of 6 months are recommended for best results.

pkg 4 $2400

Dermal Fillers

Aging and sun damage can reduce the amount of natural hyaluronic acid in your skin. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin hydrated, supple, and youthful looking. When this is depleted, the skin can lose structure and volume, resulting in the formation of facial wrinkles and folds. Treatment with a filler is a non surgical, safe and effective way to reduce the signs of aging by replacing lost volume, while smoothing facial wrinkles. Fillers are also used in the lips to increase fullness and correct lines around the mouth. Depending on the area of concern, our master aesthetic specialists will evaluate and select the appropriate product. We offer Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure, Restylane Silk, Restylane Defyne/Refyne , Restylane Lyft and Restylane Kysse.


Lip Fillers

Mid Face Cheek Fillers

Eye Fillers

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